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Rhodonite – Double Terminated Point


This Rhodonite Double Terminated Point Pendant provides unconditional love from the universe while helping to heal traumas and broken hearts. Rhodonite promotes the brotherhood of man by helping you to see all sides of a situation and to find a resolution.

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Rhodonite Double Terminated Point Pendant


Rhodonite is named for the Greek word for rosy, as its sometimes intense color comes from white and black manganese. Known as a stone that nurtures love, rhodonite helps to heal wounds, shocks, and traumas from relationships, while helping you to learn to love yourself, improve your self-confidence, and move forward with positivity and forgiveness. 

Rhodonite provides emotional balance. Known for promoting the brotherhood of man, rhodonite helps you to see all sides of a situation so a resolution can be found in a manner that is healthy. A grounding stone, rhodonite works well with mantra-based meditation, aligning the soul more closely to the vibration. 

Rhodonite History | Folklore

Russian Czars used to give Rhodonite platters as wedding gifts. 

Rhodonite Geology

Rhodonite is found in metamorphic rocks that are associated with manganese minerals. It can also be found in rocks that have been altered by contact metamorphism, hydrothermal, and metasomatic processes. Rhodonite is an uncommon mineral. Rhodonite Chip Necklace

Rhodonite & the Chakras

Heart, High Heart, Heart Seed, Solar Plexus

Rhodonite and Astrological Association

Taurus, Cancer, Moon in Taurus, Moon in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio

Care of Your Rhodonite

Pass through smoke from incense or white sage, place in dry brown rice, rinse in non-tap water, buried in the ground.

Place in the full moonlight to energize. 

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