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Rhodochrosite Pendant – Brown – Oval – 5/8′


This Brown Rhodochrosite Pendant is a wonderful soft brown with pink tones running through it. Brown Rhodochrosite carries the same properties of pink rhodochrosite, but has the added benefit of providing a grounding energy. This stone helps you to have clarity with your emotions, while providing centering energy so you’re not thrown off balance. 


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Brown Rhodochrosite Pendant

Oval – 5/8′


Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and responsible service to love, both on the higher planes of meditation and also on the earth plane of service to the planetary consciousness. An earth stone, for helping to heal the earth. This is a stone of selfless love and compassion. Expands consciousness, integrates spirit with matter. Helps you face the truth and release the pain and emotional stress with love. Irritant filter, normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes heart, asthma relief.

The name Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek, translating to “rose color.” Not only is it the official mineral of the state of Colorado, the Incas believed it was the blood of their former kings and queens turned to stone, and gave it the name Inca Rose

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