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Prayer Flag Set – 8 Auspicious Symbols – 3 1/2″ Each Square

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8 Auspicious Symbols Prayer Flags – place a prayer or intent in the flag, then hang it outdoors. The prayer is released into the universe as the flag fades.

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8 Auspicious Symbols Prayer Flag Set

3 1/2″ Each Square. These strings of prayer flags are handcrafted and hand-stamped, with funds supporting Tibetan Buddhist refugees. 

The Eight Auspicious Symbols or Tashi Targye are the oldest group of symbols of Buddhism; each symbols represents an auspicious quality that brings good fortune to the person and area in which it hangs. The symbols are: the Right-coiled White Conch, Precious Parasol, Victory Banner, Golden Fish, Dharma Wheel, Auspicious Drawing, Vase of Treasure, and the Lotus Flower.

Some people will hang prayer flags indoors to energize a shrine area. The traditional use is to place a prayer in the flag, and hang it outdoors, where it should stay until weather causes it to fall apart. The prayer flags disintegrate gradually and as they do, the energy of the prayer and the flag become a part of the area and the universe.

When your prayer flag is partially disintegrated, it is the custom to burn the flag, the fire release the prayer into the ethers.

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