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Pearl Fairy Stars Necklace and Bracelet


Pearl Fairy Stars Necklace & Bracelet. These precious gemstones twinkle delicately like the star dust that surrounds fairies. Pearls help you connect to the water spirits and to dragon energy. They promote purity, truth, loyalty and integrity – qualities that help communication with spirit.


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This delicate set – a Pearl Fairy Stars Necklace and Bracelet – is handcrafted by our outstanding local Crystal Life artisans. Fashioned of top quality gemstones, on delicate but strong sterling silver cable chain. Bracelets have an extender, adjustable from 6 1/2″ to 7 1/2″. Necklaces also have an extender, adjustable from 16″ to 18″. Try combining a Fairy Star Necklace and a Fairy Portal Necklace, and stagger the lengths…

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