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Peace – Tube Bead Pendant – White


This cream-white ceramic energy “pony” bead helps create peace inside your energy field through its resonant structure. It protects you by emitting a field of peaceful energy that affects you and anyone or anything approaching you. These beads can be worn slipped onto any of the Resonance™ 15″ and 16″ necklaces, or on a cord or chain.

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The creamy white bead is excellent for people seeking to resolve emotional situations through peace, and those whose immune system has been seriously compromised. This bead helps gently move your energy back into balance. It balances back to centered, peaceful energy whatever it is placed near, whether that is a person, animal, plant, gemstones, home or office. The ceramic formula of this bead is based on ancient Egyptian faience. Beads are diffusive in their energy field. Size: 1/2 round x 7/16 high. Read our library article on how these energy beads work.

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