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Opal Earrings | Post


These raw opal post earrings are tiny. Opal helps you connect more fully to your true self and to bring in cosmic consciousness. 

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Opal Earrings | Post

These opal earrings are made with raw opal. 

Pink Peruvian Opal Prayer Beads Mala

Pink Peruvian Opal

Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and helps to induce mystical vision. Use opal to help access your true self, as well as stimulating creativity and originality. This stone helps to enhance your self-worth by helping you to see your full potential. 

Opal will teach what you put out into the universe will come back to you. 

Opal History & Folklore

Opal is associated with Hermes & Mercury, the ancient Greek & Roman gods. Because they ushered souls to the underworld, they were to have used opal to see into the realm of the underworld. 

Some Shamans believe opal allows you to see into the shamanic otherworld or to gaze into dangerous places from afar. They believe opal makes them invisible and protects against evil and the evil eye. 

There are legendary powers associated with opal, but not powers one seeks. After a number of fatalities in the Spanish royal family that centered around an opal, people believed that opal could cause sudden death. 

Opal gets its name from the Sanskrit word, Upala, meaning precious

Opal Geology

Opal is amorphous, making it a mineraloid and not a mineral. This is because opal does not have a crystal structure. In geology, in order to be classified as a mineral, you must have a crystal structure. 

Opal has a high water content, which means it can fracture easily. 

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