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Nature Spirit Earrings | 1″ x 2″


An elf princess and a Greenman bridge the Nature Spirit realms in these paired earrings. Dangling from the 1″ square earrings are a peridot nugget and a small silver leaf and a small bronze-colored leaf. Besides being beautiful, these earrings are excellent tools, bridging your head to help you psychically identify with nature beings! Signed, handcrafted earrings by nature spirit artist Atala Toy.  

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Nature Spirit Earrings | 1″ x 2″

This paired Nature Spirit set of dangle earrings is 1″ square with a 1″ dangle of peridot and metal leaves. This combination connects male and female, elf and greenman. Romantic, energetic – and pretty as well! These attractive earrings do well as energetic balancers and energizers, as they bridge your head – eyes, throat, pineal gland – autonomically aligning you with the forces of nature. 

These earrings have been designed and handcrafted by nature spirit art photographer Atala Toy.The photos are ones she took of nature spirits, then turned the images into art pieces via the background manipulation of color textures. This is similar to a portrait photographer working with his/her human subject..

Atala oversaw the in-house transformation of these photos into jewelry via a gel-based ink process called sublimation printing. This is a process by which an image is printed onto a special clay-coated paper. The print is then transferred to the specially coated metal backing by the intense heat and pressure of a press. The heat turns the gel into a gas which the pressure then transfers into the substrate. This brilliantly translucent image is permanently embedded. The resulting art pieces have been fashioned into earrings, signed on the back by Atala.

Transforming earth – one pendant at a time!

Wearing a piece of nature spirit helps your energy field resonantly identify with the subtle realms of the nature beings. This is intentional jewelry – jewelry with purpose. Its purpose is to help you connect with the core underlying energies of our earth – to help you rebalance and optimize your energy. Wearing this jewelry also helps others who look at you (and the jewelry) to consciously or unconsciously balance their own energy.

Wearing inspirational pieces of jewelry helps to subtly change our world for the better! Crystal Life is focused on changing society…one jewelry piece at a time! We invite you to participate with us in this graceful mission!

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