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Mug | Sri Yantra | 15 oz


Sri Yantra Mug – Enjoy your large-size drink and get extra energized as well! Sri Yantra means “the most revered yantra.” It graphs what happens to any energy as it descends to earth: three downward triangles into matter that self-correct to include spirit, ending in a merkabah (balanced energy). Whatever is inside this cup is autonomically balanced and energized via the power of sacred geometry.

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Artist’s comment: We chose these top quality ceramic mugs to print our images on because the surface is consistently smooth and thus presents our art work in excellent detail. These are 15 ounce mugs for a large drink size – approximately 4 1/2” tall by 3 1/4” diameter. (note photo shows the regular size cup)

This is a very high quality accurate image of the Sri Yantra. It has been especially designed and printed by Atala for Crystal LIfe and makes use of light field autonomic identification to help energize your drink. If you will consciously call forth the energy of this geometric, its effect is even stronger. The Sri Yantra mandala is also available as a mouse pad, pendant and coaster. This is one of the four core geometries Crystal Life has assembled for your use; the other geometries are Metatron’s Cube, the Flower of Life and the Torus.

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