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Mouse Pad | Metatron’s Cube | Classic Style


Metatron’s Cube Mouse Pad helps you stay centered and energized while working at your computer. Can also serve as a base geometric for a shrine or home accessory. This sacred geometry form contains the five platonic solids and many other geometries as well. It autonomically helps to balance and energize. Metatron is an archangel and is known as the architect & scribe of the universe, sitting just below the supreme source. His lightform is this cube, which is also associated with Thoth, Enoch & Hermes.

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This Metatron Cube mouse pad has a very high quality accurate image printed on a supple white cloth with a black rubber back side and is 1/8″ thick. It has been especially designed and printed by Atala for Crystal Life and makes use of light field autonomic identification to help center and energize and area If you will consciously call forth the energy of this geometric, its effect is even stronger. This geometric is also available as a mug, pendant and coaster. This is one of the four core geometries Atala has assembled for your use; the other geometries are the Sri Yantra Mandala, the Flower of Life and the Torus.

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