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Metatron’s Cube Pendant | Power in Construction


This Metatron – Power in Construction (of Your Life) Pendant is part of our Stand Tall series. Metatron’s Cube contains all the geometrics of the universe. This particular pendant connects you to spirit via a malachite rod; to earth via a rhodonite leaf; and to all-unifying love via a hematite heart.

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This Metatron – Power in Construction (of Your Life) Pendant connects to spirit via a malachite rod – the round rod is a symbol of the universe in most earth traditions, and the energy of malachite is to remove obstructions to this connection. You are connected to earth via a rhodonite leaf – rhodonite provides a steadiness in love no matter what the challenge; and to all-unifying love via a hematite heart – hematite offer protection from negative energies.

Metatron is an archangel and is known as the architect & scribe of the universe, sitting just below the supreme source. His lightform is this cube, which is also associated with Thoth, Enoch & Hermes. 

Metatron’s Cube represents the core energy of Metatron – it is what his light field looks like (e.g., it contains all the building components of creation). It consists of thirteen circles of light with lines (e.g. connecting lines of energy) going from each circle to each of the other circles. This way of connecting energy can then be looked at in separate units, thus enabling your use of the five Platonic solids and many other sacred geometry forms.

Different traditions focus on different aspects of this form, or energy, as it pertains to their work. Metatron comes from the Greek Meta+Tron, meaning Beyond+Matrix. In some traditions he is said to be the form just under ultimate source, from which the existence of many universes is formed. He is often referred to as the architect of the universe and as the scribe of the universe. He is often called an archangel, as a way to identify his energy, although he actually sits above even the archangels, at the right hand of God.

This is a limited edition pendant. It is part of our Stand Tall series. The Stand Tall series honors the universal ideal of respect for each individual – weaknesses and strengths, the inner compelling urge to grow in beauty and perfection. Stand Tall supports you as you strive to face and conquer your own personal issues, and stand strong to confront any abuse directed to you, for whatever reason, by other people. Self-knowledge, self-respect and a strong, balanced energy field are powerful aids for each individual. This series of energy jewelry strives to contribute energetically to the wearer’s personal efforts.

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