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Collection | Men’s Health Stones


This Men’s Health Collection provides a natural boost when men work with the nine healing gemstones. The gemstones selected provide mental and physical strength, love and help to remove career obstacles. Comes in a 3×4 drawstring black satin bag with informative brochure.

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Men’s Health | Nine Gemstones

Men’s Health Collection: Amethyst – good for mental clarity, clearing negative influences. Jade – relieves stress, helps with agility of action. Lapis Lazuli – enhances mental strength, encourages success & protection. Malachite – removes obstacles, helps with business pursuits. Moonstone – a feminine balancing stone to soften the male energy and provide cool discernment. Rose Quartz – unconditional love, transmutes negative emotions. Smokey Quartz – cools anger & stress, permits one to see into the shadow side of situations. Obsidian/Chrysoprase – helps shrink enlarged prostate gland; obsidian helps release emotional issues, chrysoprase works with the heart.

This collection can also be laid on one of our Sacred Geometry or Chakra coasters to help boost their energy and purpose.

Our gemstones and crystals are hand-selected by Atala. Because these are natural products, the precise size, color and pattern of the crystal you order may vary from what is shown here.

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