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Malachite Specimens


Malachite is a powerful grounding stone that clears obstructions and helps avert confusion and apathy. Known as the ultimate detoxifier, Malachite helps you to break down outworn patterns and unwanted ties. This means you’ll shed inhibitions and unwanted emotions, which will help transform your life. 


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Malachite Specimens

Malachite is a good study stone, as it helps you to process information at a greater level. It also helps shy people feel more confident and outgoing. This is an excellent stone to help you connect to the Green Kingdom of nature and the beings who reside there. 

May 2018 Staff Favorite

I love malachite because of its connection with mothers and nature coming to life during May. It has been called the “midwife’s stone”. It is a potent aid in nurturing- whether it is mothers to be or new ventures in life. Some practitioners have used malachite in meditations to get in touch with the Earth Mother. Malachite also honors the goddesses Isis and Hathor. Malachite personifies the deep healinggreen of nature and represents the innate beauty of the growing plants and trees. ~ Jessica

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