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Gemstone Therapy Malachite Necklaces Clear Obstructions and blockages and helps avert confusion and apathy. Malachite helps with business success, vision quests and meditation.


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Gemstone Therapy Malachite Necklaces for Clearing Obstructions are part of Crystal Life’s Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose® crystal healing jewelry. USA handcrafted by our own local artisans on flexible steel cord (excellent for athletes, beach wear) with sterling silver closures.Comes in 15″, 16″ of petite 4mm beads and 18″ and 20″ of 6mm beads. For more information visit and our Gemstone Dictionary

Malachite is a very important earth stone: it helps one break unwanted ties and then connect to and work with healing earth energies. Malachite assists by absorbing negative energies, whether psychic or environmental, into itself, thereby clearing you of these energies; be sure to help it do its job well by clearing the jewelry occasionally – you can do this by placing it overnight on a crystal such as quartz. Folk medicine: helps strengthen immune system.

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