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Magnet | Sri Yantra | Color


Color Sri Yantra Magnets graphs the harmonizing of all energy that eventually occurs throughout creation. Placed on your refridgerator, it helps to energize and align your food!

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Color Sri Yantra Magnet

Magnets are handcrafted by Crystal Life and are colorful designs sublimated onto 3/32″ thick white plastic with black rubber magnetic attachment and are 2 1/4” square.

Sri Yantra Meditation Banner | Crystal Life

Sri Yantra Meditation Banner

The Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra means “the most honored yantra.” It is thousands of years old, and is prominent in Far Eastern art, both Hindu and Buddhist. It is a popular image among Western yoga practitioners.

The Sri Yantra is so highly revered because it accurately depicts the process by which, when spirit emerges from source (the central point) and descends into matter (three downward facing triangles – symbolic of matter or the feminine creation), eventually it self-corrects and sends up an ascending triangle (a symbol for spirit, or the masculine aspect of the universe). While initially these triangles are not equilateral, and hence move back and forth between the two energies, they finally each become equilateral and order is restored in the universe.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is what we call the state of perception in which we have moved back past the existence of solid physical form into the dimensions in which that form exists as pure energy. At that point, the form exists as a self-contained Merkabah, or globe of light. When you follow that globe of light into more rarefied dimensions of existence, you can see the commonalities between many forms. It is at this state that a “seer” can see the lines of light as they connect to each other. This way of seeing is common to all traditions, which is why you will see the same form depicted around the world.

Read more about the Sri Yantra here

Color Sri Yantra Mug

Color Sri Yantra Mug

About Crystal Life

Crystal Life’s staff and local artisan crafters are energy practitioners of various disciplines. We work with hand-selected, top quality gemstones and materials. Our original designs are based on our knowledge of ancient and contemporary energy modalities.  

Crystal Life is renown for its peaceful energy, which comes from our commitment to work in respectful cooperation with all life forms, including product, staff, and our in-store and online customers.  

We would love to stay connected with you via our various avenues of communication – FacebookNature Spirit CommunityInstagramTwitterPinterest, and YouTube.  You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page. 


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