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Magnet | Crown Chakra


Crown Chakra Magnets are a visual representation of the seat of consciousness. Placing this magnet on your refridgerator can help align your food and beverages with the energy of the crown chakra. 

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Crown Chakra Magnet

Magnets are handcrafted by Crystal Life and are colorful designs sublimated onto 3/32″ thick white plastic with black rubber magnetic attachment and are 2 1/4” square.

Crown Chakra Products

Crown Chakra Information

“I am That”.

Your crown chakra is located at the center of top of head, touching head and extending into aura above it, 4 finger breadths above.

When the seventh chakra opens, any blockages remaining in other six chakras dissolve and their energies begin vibrating at the highest possible frequencies. It is beyond the elements, its sound is B, its color is violet, white, gold, translucent rainbow, its plant is the lotus, its gemstones are amethyst, clear quartz, diamon, clear calcite, moonstone, white howlite, selenite.

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