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Boxed Cards | Lotus


Lotus Card Set of five lotus flowers. The lotus is the symbol of beauty, resilience and perfection. It is highly honored in both Eastern and Western cultures. (The water lily, while of a different botanical family, is culturally considered a lotus, when used for spiritual work.)

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Lotus Card Set

The lotus is revered as a spiritual symbol for the perfection of human life. It starts in the mud, and has to push up through murky waters to reach the light. But when it opens – it is pure in color. It blooms for only a day and then is gone.

You can see the cards in this set – blue lotus, pink lotus, lotus in pond, white lotus, yellow lotus

These cards are 5×5 with envelopes. They come packaged in a clear box – excellent for your own use, as meditation and grid bases, and as gifts!

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