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Lilac Dreams | The Promise of Spring


A lovely pale lavender-pink lilac blossom in early morning, with a few raindrops left from a passing storm. Lilacs are one of the first flowers of Spring and their blossom-filled bushes bring with them the fragrant promise of warmth, sun and happy community.


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Lilac Dreams | The Promise of Spring

This Pink Lilac Nature Spirit Art Photograph by artist Atala Dorothy Toy is available as a 5×7 card with envelope, a signed 11×14 matted art piece and a signed 18×24 matted art piece. All sizes are pigment on archival paper.

About the Photographer

Atala Dorothy Toy is a Nature Spirit Art Photographer. She specializes in portrait studies of nature spirits as they choose to manifest themselves in rocks and trees. For over fifteen years, Atala has traveled about North America recording the stories – grand and intimate – that the beings of other realms have shared with her.

Atala works in Adobe Photoshop and does minimal alteration of the subject of her photographic study – usually simple camera color correction and sharpening. Sometimes she will create art pieces from the topic, using various layering and texture techniques to highlight the subject of interest.

Atala is the founder and president of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. – a holistic company founded in 1995 to provide healthy living options to an awakened and awakening public. She has written three books on how to communicate with life forms of other dimensions. Her photographic art work has been shown in one-woman exhibits and has won awards in juried exhibits. You can see more of her work in her art gallery and read the stories behind the photos in our library.

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