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In The Mind Of A Master by Slim Spurling


In The Mind Of A Master by Slim Spurling will guide you in the applications of Slim Spurling’s Tools in developing a deeper connection to life and truth. His Light-Life ™ Harmonizers are known to raise conscious awareness allowing you to attain greater focus. Comprehensive support for the shift mankind expects in 2012 and beyond is offered.

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In The Mind Of A Master by Slim Spurling

266 pages

Publisher:iUniverse, Incorporated

Publication date:08/24/2012

Who Is Slim Spurling?

Slim Spurling was an inventor, researcher, and internationally recognized dowser. He developed the Light-Life ™ Ring in 1991, which became the prototype of a cutting edge tensor technology. The science represented in the Light-Life ™ Technology is both ancient and modern. Quantum physics has shown us that ultimately everything is light and energy. This has been demonstrated with the Light-Life ™ Tools in the energizing of food and water, cleaning of the environment, and the shift in consciousness.

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