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Hematite Sacred Space Beads – Large


These Hematite Sacred Space Beads permit varying energy fields to peacefully co-exist without interfering with each other; this quality also helps individuals to peacefully follow their own unique paths without interference from others.

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Hematite Sacred Space Beads

The 108 count is used by most world traditions; if you are using another count, please contact for a special order (at no extra cost). Handcrafted in Illinois by Crystal Life. This sacred space bead set is strung on Beadalon’s stout, flexible 49-strand stainless steel woven wire and has a large lobster claw clasp that opens, for you to add on an image or stone of your choice and for ease of wrapping around wrist or neck. You can also wear these as a long sacred space necklace, clasp to the back. 108 main beads, available either in medium size (6 mm) or large size (8 mm); has small 3mm hematite beads in between and a larger separator bead every 36 count. Pendants are a separate order; they can be added from our pendant rooms, or use one of your own!

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