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Gnome Inspiration Bracelets


Our Gnome Bracelets are colorful and cheerful gnome smiles from within a gemstone forest. Choose from protective bloodstone or sodalite, which helps group communication. 


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Gnome Inspiration Bracelets

Bloodstone Gnome Bracelet

Bloodstone Gnome Bracelet

Our Gnome Inspiration Bracelets have a nicely detailed ceramic gnome on 8 mm gemstone beads, stretch cord. Designed and crafted by Atala exclusively for Crystal Life. This bracelet was created to honor the nature spirits which inhabit Sweden, of which, our hometown founders are from.


Bloodstone heightens intuition and increases creativity. Excellent at providing grounding energy and protection, bloodstone helps you to feel revitalized. A good stone for those who wish to stimulate dreaming. 

Gnome Inspiration Bracelets

Sodalite Gnome Bracelet


Sodalite clears the mind of mental confusion and is slightly sedative. Good for sensitive people, aids in communication and self-expression. Sodalite encourages self-esteem and self-trust. It helps you to access the sacred laws of the universe and to communicate them to others as well.  Sodalite helps calm anxiety and brings emotional balance. It is a powerful throat chakra stone that also stimulates the third eye chakra

Gnome Metaphysical Properties

Gnomes are known as a Tomte in Sweden. The Tomte is reputed to safeguard the farms, family, and children, particularly at night. Gnomes are best known for guarding Earthly Treasures.

Care & Other Information

All gemstones are unique and special. Variation in color and inclusions are natural and to be expected.

All pieces are hand chosen by Atala for their high vibration and quality. Do not immerse in water. Remove while bathing, swimming, and showering. 

Bathe in full moonlight regularly to energize crystals. Cleanse regularly by placing on a piece of selenite or by moving through the smoke of sage. Honor your jewelry by removing it daily, allowing it to rest.



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