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Flower of Life Card | Masculine | Classic Style


This diagram is one of the most ancient sacred geometry images in existence, found on the walls of temples dating back 40,000 years. This geometric is also called a merkabah. It represents the flowering forth of life from source. It diagrams how energy expands from one central point of unified spirit to become every object in existence, and the universe itself. This is the masculine energy version of the flower of life.

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This image is not only beautiful in its symmetry, it is energetically balancing. You can place objects on it to balance out their energies. You can also concentrate on the image to balance and soothe your own spirit. The flower of life has two orientations, which stand for the masculine (seen here) and feminine orientations of energy. The geometry is the same in both, but the central channel differs – a simple rotation of the form. The masculine advances and the feminine receives.

This is a 5×7 card with envelope.

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