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Flower of Life Pendant | A Protected Universe


Flower of Life – A Protected Universe Pendant is part of our Stand Tall series. The flower of life depicts the geometric unfolding of life from source. It is topped with a protective blue-black ceramic catalyst bead that resonantly dissipates negativity; and a protective hematite donut.  

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Flower of Life – A Protected Universe Pendant

This powerful protective energy pendant was designed by Atala Toy and handcrafted specifically for our Crystal Life Community by our own local energy artisans.

The Flower of LIfe is an ancient core sacred geometry found in all world traditions. It depicts light energy as it moves from spirit into form. It is excellent for balancing and keeping energy in balance. The Flower of Life is found in both Sanskrit and Egyptian texts and architecture. It is depicted two dimensionally but works as a 3D hologram. Formed of overlapping circles, with a vesica pisces between each, it depicts how any aspect of creation expands from a single core point. This form, also called a merkabah, appears around every life form and is also part of every life form. It sustains fields in proximity to each other, permitting each to be independent and yet inter-cooperative. All other geometrics can be found inside it, including all Platonic solids and the Tree of Life.

This Protected Universe Pendant features the flower of life geometric, printed on our own 7/8″ white coated metal pendant. Resting on top of it is a specially designed handcrafted ceramic catalyst, created by healers, that emits a frequency that resonates in your energy field. This frequency deters and dissipates negative frequencies that are attempting to approach you. The hematite donut emits a negativity-obstructing energy field from approaching you.

This is a limited edition pendant. It is part of our Stand Tall series. The Stand Tall series honors the universal ideal of respect for each individual – weaknesses and strengths, the inner compelling urge to grow in beauty and perfection. Stand Tall supports you as you strive to face and conquer your own personal issues, and stand strong to confront any abuse directed to you, for whatever reason, by other people. Self-knowledge, self-respect and a strong, balanced energy field are powerful aids for each individual. This series of energy jewelry strives to contribute energetically to the wearer’s personal efforts.


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