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Fibonacci Heart Pendant | Framed 1″x1″


This colorful Fibonacci Heart Pendant diagrams the quality of love that occurs when two life forms connect to each other. Each partner has been growing in a proportion known as the Golden Mean and the Divine Proportion. Together, the two halves create a complete heart.

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Fibonacci Heart Pendant | Framed 1″x1″

This pendant has been designed and handcrafted by nature spirit artist Atala Toy. The base of this image is a Fibonacci spiral, a mathematical form that graphs the unfurling growth of life from a single point into a fully-formed esthetically pleasing maturity. In this case, Atala faced two Fibonacci spirals facing each other – a pairing and partnership that results in the core energy of love – of a heart formed from two equal parts. She then created a colorful energy field via the layering of various textures in Photoshop.

Atala oversaw the in-house transformation of this print into a jewelry piece via a gel-based ink process called sublimation printing. This is process by which the image is printed onto a special clay-coated paper. The print is then transferred to the specially coated metal backing by the intense heat and pressure of a press. The heat turns the gel into a gas which the pressure then transfers into the substrate. This brilliantly translucent image is permanently embedded. The resulting art piece is then framed in a pendant holder, ready for you to wear.

Transforming earth – one pendant at a time!

Wearing a piece of sacred geometry helps your energy field resonantly identify with the image’s core level universal energy. This is intentional jewelry and it emits its clear energy into your energy field, and thus into the environment you pass through. It helps others who look at you (and the pendant) to consciously or unconsciously balance their own energy.

Wearing sacred geometry and other inspiring pieces of jewelry helps to subtly change our world for the better! Crystal Life is focused on changing society…one jewelry piece at a time! We invite you to participate with us in this graceful mission!


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