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Faery Elder


A Faery Elder (top) and his chief aide (bottom) look out over a valley in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado


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Faery Elder

There are our friends who are human – and our friends from other dimensions. Sometimes it’s hard to say who I am more comfortable with! Like all friends, my nature spirit friends constantly reveal new aspects to themselves. It’s all part of the fun of getting to know someone!

Several  years ago I connected with an elderly elf chieftain who lives in a cliff high in Rocky Mountain National Park and oversees a valley below. Last week, on my trip to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, I took some time off to enjoy the golden aspen and dynamic rock formations of that area. I wanted to say hello to the elf, and take another photo of him.

What a surprise! On this visit, I was interested in the world around him…and found, facing him on the other side of the cliff opening – the other side of the story! There was a female spirit, looking out over the valley.

If you would like to know see this lovely lady, read my blog The Other Side of the Story. 

This original photographic art piece by nature spirit photographer Atala Toy is pigment on paper – available as a 5×7 card with envelope, a signed 11×14 matted photograph and a signed 18×24 photograph.

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