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Esoteric Tuning: Achieving Well Being – Don R Taylor


Esoteric Tuning: Achieving Well Being is a dowsing protocols book that helps you tune your personal energy field, eliminating blocks and energizing yourself. The jacket states: “The purpose of Esoteric Tuning is to describe how you can achieve well-being, a condition that enables you to enjoy less stress, greater happiness, improved relationships and other good stuff. These desirable characteristics are enabled by tuning the energy fields in and around you. This book explains how you can tune these energies for your highest good and in turn achieve well-being. Tuning involves determining the condition of the fields; then balancing them, as necessary, for your highest good and clearing non-beneficial influences.”

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This is an excellent book for experienced dowsers and energy workers who want to do in depth clearing of personal issues. Don Taylor is a former trustee of the American Society of Dowsers and a prominent dowser in the New England area.

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