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Energy Tube Pendants


These are large-hole ceramic catalyst beads that will fit over 4mm necklaces or on heavy cord…comes in 5 colors, which determine their energetic use. Cobalt blue and turquoise: for general health and balancing of energies in their normal manner. Turquoise is gentle yin energy, cobalt blue dynamic yang energy. Maroon: for those working in less polluted areas and working with earth energies. Helps with change, menopause. White: gentle, angelic energy for the clearing of psychic clutter and assisting you to live and work in peace.Black. Has touch of blue in it. Helps dissipate negative energies. For those working with the public especially in crowds and for martial arts practitioners. Also helps while working with electronics.


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The central component of these products is a specially formulated ceramic bead, called a Crystal Catalysts. The beads are based on the principles of ancient Egyptian faiance, which was a frequency tool. They are gentle and non-invasive. They work on a holistic basis, helping you live in a balanced state which encourages good health.  These products focus, balance, strengthen and amplify the beneficial life energy field of whatever they are in contact with, including people, animals, plants and gems. The products raise the wearer’s vibratory rate, dissipating psychic negativity and stimulating the immune system. The products do not harm and often improve the performance of electronic equipment, which are themselves affected by static and invasive energy spikes.


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