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Protection – Dangling Bead Pendant


The petite blue-black ceramic bead in this pendant is just 3/8″ long. It emits a protective frequency, mitigating negative energies of all sorts from entering the human energy field. Also helps mitigate electromagnetic smog from technological devices.

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Protection – Dangling Bead Pendant

Can be worn by itself or in combination with various healing crystals. Part of the Biomagnetic Research line of ceramic health products: visit our library for more information.

August 2017 Staff Favorite

My favorite back-to-school item is a category – the Energy Jewelry line. This line has at its base resonant ceramic catalyst beads based on ancient Egyptian faiance. Each of them strengthens, in a person’s energy field, specific ranges of frequency. I designed this in many product variations, so folks can wear or carry them as needed. The two I especially recommend are the Protection Pendant. It helps protect from cell phones and computers as well as from stress and from people who are not good influences on you. I also recommend the Peace Pendant. This piece helps protect from cell phones and computers and brings forth peace in a person, to help them maintain this frequency when surrounded by stress or difficult situations. ~ Atala

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