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Energy Jewelry – Gentle Health


Products made with the turquoise ceramic bead emit a field of gentle, healthy energy. Because of the composition of the ceramic clay, and the way it is fired, the turquoise beads emit an energy-balancing frequency. This frequency is part of its original creation, it does not break down or stop working, and it helps stabilize gentle energy for everything in its vicinity. Excellent for people with gentle energy, for regaining health, for working around electronics.


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<p>These products can: <p>Neutralize most harmful low level radiations from: computers, tvs, fluorescent lights, telephone receivers, automobile and airplane electronics, powerline transformers, microwave items, cellular phones. <p>Encourage good health. Helps you relax and get a good night’s sleep. Alleviates immune system stress, including asthma and arthritis.  Helps heal injuries when placed over spot.  <p>Clear and balance energy fields. Used by experts in Feng Shui, Reiki, yoga and martial arts.  Helps balances architectural, human, animal, plant and environmental energies. <p>Clear, energize and strengthen natural qualities of crystals and gemstones.<p>Alleviate energy draining from proximity of many human and machine vibrations such as is found when commuting, in large crowds, cities, and coming from apartments and offices above, below and beside you.<p>Increase life energy of food when placed under cup or plate for 4 minutes; or when placed in water container.  </p>


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