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Energy Bead Dangling Pendants


These small ceramic catalyst pendants are approximately 3/8″ tall and work well by themselves or when added to a pendant collection. They clear energy at different frequencies – delineated by their color. They help clear and protect your energy – and the energy of the stones they are with.


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A specially-fired ceramic with rare earths; acts as a dielectric superconductor strengthening beneficial earth energy.. Based on Ancient Egyptian faiance – a resonant tool. Comes in five colors, indicative of five different energies: Cobalt blue and turquoise: for general health and balancing of energies in their normal manner. Turquoise is gentle yin energy, cobalt blue dynamic yang energy. Maroon: for those working in less polluted areas and working with earth energies. Helps with change, menopause. White: gentle, angelic energy for the clearing of psychic clutter and assisting you to live and work in peace.Black. Has touch of blue in it. Helps dissipate negative energies. For those working with the public especially in crowds and for martial arts practitioners. Also helps while working with electronics.


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