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Elf Warrior Prince


This marker tree defines its geographic area as being under the protection of a powerful Elf Warrior Prince. It is located in a small grove of trees through which people must pass to reach the very popular and immaculately clean river swimming and picnic area that is just beyond. This Elf Prince and his community keep the energy of this area clean, positive and elevating. Available as a card with envelope and as a matted wall hanging.


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The Elf Warrior Prince is an original photographic art piece by Nature Spirit Photographer Atala Toy. This photograph of a tree spirit is pigment on archival paper – available as a 5×7 card with envelope, a signed 11×14 matted photograph, and a signed 14×18 matted photograph.

A Sophisticated Marker Tree

This is a highly nuanced and sophisticated marker image that clearly defines the many facets of a powerful nature spirit’s domain. Looked at one way, it shows him as a fine-featured young man in a beautiful feathered, hooded cloak. Another way it shows him as a weathered warrior in a cloak with a pointed hat. Yet another way it shows the protective bear spirit the Prince embodies: he is wearing a bear skin headdress. The Prince is shown emerging from his home in the inner earth, about 2/3s of him above ground.

Guardians of the Portal

This sophisticated, subtle image also shows how this domain is being protected by many specifically delineated nature spirits. They are all guardians of the area and the tree door /portal / gate that is being protected overall by the Prince.

Raven Spirit

The door starts under his chin. It is unusual to have an entire portal opening protected in this way. On the Prince’s back is a raven, positioned at the occipital lobe where messages from spirit are received. Its presence indicates the Prince is a powerful, wise leader who listens to spirit. Ravens travel a domain, gathering information of what is happening in every part, reporting news back to their leader. North Conway, NH

Click here to read my blog about this Elf Warrior Prince

Nature Spirit Resources Offered by Crystal Life

Nature Spirit information is available throughout the Crystal Life Technology website.

A closed Nature Spirit Community exists on Facebook. Join us to post your own nature spirit images and discuss nature spirits with others.

View a wide array of nature spirits at our Atala Toy Nature Spirit Art Gallery.

Watch videos to learn how to photograph and communicate with nature spirits on our Crystal Life Technology YouTube Channel

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Get technical knowledge about nature spirits in Atala Dorothy Toy’s three books: We Are Not Alone | A Guidebook to Interdimensional Cooperation Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts | How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other Realms Nature Spirits in American Trees.

Atala Toy Books

Three books on Nature Spirits and interdimensional communication, by Atala Dorothy Toy

Communicating with Nature Spirits

Trees, rocks, nature spirits and other dimensional beings are very ancient and very intelligent earth lifeforms. But the sense of time and nature of matter in the nature spirit realms is different from our human one.

Rocks and trees move slower than humans and have greater patience. Therefore it over decades and centuries that they develop images on themselves of who they are and what concerns them. They express a wide variety of consciousness.Some rocks and trees are very serious, others distressed, and others jokesters. 

On the other hand, rocks and trees may be utilized by the deva and nature spirits of the area, by Mother Earth, and by other advanced life forms to support energy grids and to tell stories. These beings can move very fast and shape physical form as if it were mere putty.

In my Nature Spirit Photography, I serve as a recorder of these intelligences. I work with the life forms, asking permission on my outings of the deva (nature guardian) of the area. I explain what I want to do, wait to receive the blessing to do so, then follow directions as I am led to subjects who wish to be photographed.

The Nature Spirit life forms I have so far photographed include Greenmen, Greenwomen, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Trolls, Faeries, Moss Fairies and Ladies of the Woods. Nodal images include bison, lions, apes, bears, elephants, mice and Guardians of Place. I have also photographed a number of complex stories consciously created by life forms of other dimensions.

Why Acquire One of These Images?

All life is interconnected. Your own consciousness decides what you will see and experience. The energies of those around you also influence what  you will see. So does the energy of lifeforms coexisting with you but in different dimensions. Although you may not be aware of these energies, they are still there. You will be happier, healthier and more fulfilled if you learn to see and work with the full range of consciousness in your environment. Humans are meant to be conscious co-creators and the responsible custodians of earth; decide to become that amazing person.

You can sit with any of these photographs, focus or meditate on the being depicted, and use it as a pathway to your own conscious, extended awareness. Hang one of these images in a room so you can consciously connect that physical area to earth energies. Gift this image to a friend to help them very naturally grow in earth awareness. 

About Nature Spirit Photographer Atala Dorothy Toy

I have been an interdimensional communicator my entire life but only began consciously exploring these capacities about fifteen years ago. That’s when the resident gnome at my summer home in the New Hampshire woods gave me an invitation. He asked me to join him on an outing to photograph a moss fairy. The invitation intrigued me. I set out on a walk with him, got the photograph – and was hooked! Since then, I have studied all aspects of nature spirit photography, from camera use to the nature of the beings it is my joy to photograph.

Most of my nature spirit photographs are realistic. My objective is to faithfully record the messages the rocks and trees are conveying. All these images are presented with a minimal use of adjustments – just contrast and saturation.

Sometimes I will do an artistic story that conveys the emotions and thoughts being presented. These artistic pieces might use collage and textures to express the message.

The full-frame Nikon D850 is my camera of choice. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are used to process the raw image. Textures from various sources such as 2 Lil Owls and Meredith are occasionally added. Printing is done on an Epson SureColor P800 inkjet with Red River matte or satin finish.


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