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Energy – Tube Bead Pendant – Blue


This cobalt blue “pony” style ceramic catalyst bead boosts your life force energy. Excellent for athletes seeking to boost their energy. It also resonantly cleans and neutralizes harmful and negative energies in the environment, thus good for wearing around electrical equipment such as computers and cell phones. These beads can be worn slipped onto any of our Resonance® 15″ and 16″ necklaces, or on a cord or chain.

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A specially-fired ceramic with rare earths, this deceptively simple looking cobalt blue bead acts as a dielectric superconductor strengthening beneficial earth energy. It creates a cooperative energy field permitting you to peacefully co-exist with the electromagnetic fields that come from computers, tvs, telephones, fluorescent lights. When placed with stone jewelry, stones, essential oils and herbs, it will clear them of intruding energies. Can be placed near plants that need energizing. This cobalt-blue bead and the turquoise bead are similar in energy, except this bead is slightly yang (dynamic energies) while the turquoise bead is slightly yin (cooler energies). The ceramic formula is based on ancient Egyptian faience. Beads are diffusive in their energy field. Size: 1/2 round x 7/16 high. Read our library article on how these energy beads work.

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