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Crystal Grid | Deep Sleep


This Crystal Grid for Deep Sleep should be placed next to your bed or under your bed to help you achieve a deep and restful sleep.


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Crystal Grid | Deep Sleep

Lepidolite Specimen: 1 piece. Center of Grid Soothes insomnia and anxiety.

Mangano Calcite: 1 piece. Place on top of Lepidolite in center of grid. Physically and emotionally comforting.

Angel Wing Black Kyanite: 1 piece. Place directly below the two center pieces. Balance adrenal glands and clears negativity.

Clear Quartz: 6 pieces. 3 on either side of Black Kyanite. Provides clarity of mind and balancing.

Magnetite: 2 pieces. Right and left of the center pieces. Balance meridians and helps promote a meditative state.

Dogtooth Amethyst: 4 pieces. Two above magnetite. Relaxing and protective.

Apophyllite Point: 1 piece. Just above center pieces. Has a high vibration and is relaxing.

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