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Crystal Grid | Ancient Warrior


This Ancient Warrior Crystal Grid provides energy to help you harness the power, strength, and bravery of the warrior that lives inside of you.


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Ancient Warrior Crystal Grid

See image for placement details.

Dragon Stone: 1 piece. Top Center. This stone connects to the energy of the dragon. In many culture, dragons are seen as primal forces of nature, religion, and the universe. Helps to bring order out of chaos and is useful in times of change. Note that the dragon stone specimens come in a variety of shapes: you are looking for the dragon stone energy, not the specific shape of the shown specimen.

Bloodstone: 3 pieces. In medical times it was worn as a stone of protection. Encourages courage, stimulates guidance, and inner power.

Garnet: 4 pieces. Brings forth courage, strength, and enables survival instincts.

Hematite: 3 pieces. Provides protection, is a stone of strength aiding with power and confidence.

Quartz Point: 3 pieces. an activator and conductor of energy between different parts of the grid.

Note: stones are very individual and may not look like the ones seen here. If you are purchasing to create this grid, our staff will select compatible stones that will work well together. The Dragon Stone is a specimen, and each has a unique shape.

This grid was created by former Crystal Life staff member Marissa Lada.

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