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Crystal Basics 101 Grid


Crystal Basics 101 Grid

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Crystals 101

Seven stones and grid base

Welcome everyone. With this Crystal Basics 101 Grid we introduce you to the world of crystals. As presented, it offers you a specific energy pattern. With the movement of each stone a different energy pattern will be presented.

Carnelian – Stabilizing and grounding. Promotes courage and encourages positive choices.
Green Aventurine – A stone of prosperity and leadership. New beginnings and rebirth.

Tiger Eye – Provides protection, clarity, grounding physical body. Prosperity and good luck.

Citrine – Transmutes and grounds negative energy. A stone of abundance at all levels.

Rainbow Fluorite – Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Dissolves fixed patterns. Assists in learning and memory retention.
Clear Quartz – Enhances and balances one’s energy levels. Aids concentration and unlocks memory. Filters out distractions.

Red Aventurine – Balances masculine and feminine energies. Protection at all levels. Aids prosperity.

Ruby Zoisite – Opens crown chakra. Aids prosperity, promotes individuality.

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