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Copper Silver Dance Bracelet – Small – Sergio Lub

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This Copper Nibiru Bracelet is named after the Sumerian name for the tenth planet. Historian Zecharia Sitchin translated 5,500 year old cuneiform clay tablets describing four planets beyond Saturn. Modern astronomers have already found three of them, the one still missing is Nibiru, which is described with a very large orbit taking about 3,600 of Earth’s years to spin once around the sun. The closest it comes is about the asteroid belt, which was once a large planet until a Niburu’s moon hit it.

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Copper Silver Dance Bracelet | Sergio Lub


As the copper is braided, each bracelet is repeatedly heat-treated to realign the crystal structure of the copper, thus maintaining its natural malleability. The bracelets are adjustable to custom fit the wearer. Thanks to this adjustability most people can comfortably wear two sizes, making it easier to find a gift for a loved one.

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