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Copper Bracelet – Indian


These Copper Bracelets are handmade in India. Copper helps increase energy and warms people who tend to feel cold and damp. Copper helps with metabolic stabilization and is one of the minerals that cannot be produced inside the body; it needs to be supplied from an outside source. Available in three styles – please specify your preference at check out with an alternate. 

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Copper Bracelets from India

Copper is an energy conductor that works well to ground information of many sorts. It pulls in energy from higher realms and distributes it on the cellular level. That is why it so useful in various electrical circuitry – and also for the circuitry of the physical body. Copper Crystals can be seen as interconnected memory chips that help the body remember its own innate interconnectivity, stimulating a healthy flow of energy. 

January 2018 Staff Favorite

Copper is used with people’s energy similar to how it’s used in electrical work. It gets the energy moving. This makes it good for people like me with various joint and movement issues, like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. I use it for my hip, back and neck in the form of a raw piece and bracelet to help my hands in various art projects. ~ Emily

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