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Collection | Success at School Stones


This Success at School Collection makes use of natural gemstone energy to help strengthen, sustain, and direct energy for beneficial results! Fun to have in your pocket, to play with like worry stones – each one sending minute molecular energy packets to the youth! A set of seven carefully selected healing crystals in a 3×4 peaceful blue satin drawstring bag, with descriptive brochure.

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Success at School | Seven Stones

Success at School Collection includes: Black Onyx – Self-Mastery. Works with the base chakra, to ground your energy so that you can focus on working with facts and the mastery of whatever subject is being studied. Protects in personal relationships. Red Jasper – Successfully grounding thoughts and concepts, so that they can be understood and explained to others. Gives you confidence to take care of yourself in social situations. Tiger Eye – Mastery of many details. Helps you take the many details being learned and pull them together into a workable group. Tiger eye provides grounded good luck and prosperity. It works well to strengthen the solar plexus chakra for a sunny and resilient sense of self. Copper – A powerful grounding stone, helping “dreamers” to get back inside their body and thus make practical decisions. Good for helping you choose the most successful course of action, in a manner understandable and of positive value to you. Sodalite – The stone that helps you speak your truth in a way acceptable to your community. Excellent stone to stimulate the throat chakra, good for drama, music, debate and taking tests! Howlite– Grounds information, moving it from ideas to actuality. Helps sustain growth of healthy bones, useful when playing sports, and when you have a long day of classes.

This collection of stones can also be laid as a grid on one of our Sacred Geometry or Chakra coasters to help boost their energy and purpose or on the corresponding chakra coaster you are working with.

Our gemstones and crystals are hand-selected by Atala. Because these are natural products, the precise size, color and pattern of the crystal you order may vary from what is shown here.

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