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Collection | Success at School Stones II


Our Success at School II crystal collection helps the life-long learner in all of us! Use the stones individually or in any combination which feels good to you. 

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Success at School Stones II

Bloodstone- Revitalizes the mind when mentally exhausted. Helps in the decision making process.
Blue Kyanite- Clears mental blockages and slices through confusion, increases logical and linear thought.
Carnelian- Promotes positive choices. Helps to stimulate creativity and improves analytical abilities.
Fluorite- Incorporates structure into the everyday. Improves physical and mental coordination. Clears and stabilizes the aura.
Sodalite- Excellent for group work. Removes a rigid mindset and helps new information to be received.
Tiger Eye- Increases will power and motivation. Helps to accomplish goals by recognizing inner resources. Collects scattered information to make coherent whole.

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