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Collection | Sensitive Youth Stones


The Sensitive Youth Collection provides seven stones to help sensitive youth optimize and retain personal power in the school environment. One of our most popular stone sets, especially during Going Back To School season. We’ve have wonderful reports back about how effective this kit is! Comes in a 3×4 soft grey satin drawstring bag with information brochure.

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Sensitive Youth Collection | Seven Gemstones

Sensitive Youth Collection Gemstones: Aquamarine: stone of courage with an affinity for sensitive people. Helps one to be self-supporting and to receive loving gentle tolerance with others. Helps to finish projects you start. Blue Lace Agate: a stone of communication providing encouragement and support in relation to others. Provides one with stability and trustworthiness within group projects. Helps one to accept one’s feelings and sensitivities. Charoite: Protects from psychic attacks and aids the sensitive person to take the next step forward on the present journey. Citron Chrysoprase: Helps to keep the mind alert. Enhances perception and provides that feeling of security and self-confidence necessary to move forward continually. Rainbow Fluorite: Brings order to the chakras and the physical body. Provides a cleansing rainbow of energies to the chakras to energize and stabilize. Enhances intuitive and logical abilities. Morganite: A stone connecting to universal love. Counters stress at any level. Aids in trusting self and others. Brings joy and inner strength. Muscovite Needle: Helps one to stay balanced within self. Deflects the psychic disturbances of others, providing stability to one’s actions within the group. one with stability and trustworthiness within group projects. Helps one to accept one’s feelings and sensitivities.

This collection of stones can also be laid as a grid on one of our Sacred Geometry coasters or Chakra coasters to help boost their energy and purpose.

Our gemstones and crystals are hand-selected by Atala. Because these are natural products, the precise size, color and pattern of the crystal you order may vary from what is shown here.

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