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Collection | Holiday Comfort Stones


The Holiday Comfort Collection is made of six stones to keep you going during the hustle and bustles of the holidays! This collection helps keep you going, keep you calm, and protects against negativity. Comes in a 3″ x 4″ wine colored satin drawstring bag, with an information sheet.

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Holiday Comfort Collection | Six Gemstones | 7/8″

Holiday Comfort Collection Gemstones: Amazonite – Having a powerful filtering action, amazonite is an extremely soothing stone. This stone helps to calm the brain and the nervous system, it also soothes emotional trauma, alleviates worry and fear. Known as the hope stone, amazonite offers confidence, alights astral bodies and unity with life. Amazonite is known to help enhance creative expression. Black Tourmaline – Considered to be one of the best protective gemstones, black tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone. This stone works with your energy to Increase vitality, disperse tension and stress. Black tourmaline promotes a laid back attitude and clear rational thought processes. Enouraging a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances, black tourmaline also protects against electromagnetic smog cause by cellphones and other modern technology. Chrysocolla – A tranquil stone, chrysocolla is known as a feel better stone. Enhancing personal power, chrysocolla inspires creativity, helps to draw out negativity, and helps with communication. Chrysocolla is known to help accept situations that are constantly changing with serenity. Invoking great inner strength, chrysocolla helps relationships that have become rocky by promoting healing. Picture Jasper – Known as a Shaman’s Stone, picture jasper brings comfort, harmony and alleviates fear. This stone is know for helping to see the “big picture” while remaining detached and grounded. A positive stone, picture jasper is considered to be deeply connected to Mother Earth. Sunstone – This joyful, light-inspiring stone is perfect for when life has lost its sweetness as sunstone will help to restore it. Bringing in light and energy, sunstone allows the true self to shine through happily. Sunstone is also great for enhancing organizational skills, helping to relieve seasonal affective disorder, and promotes optimism. Yellow Calcite – An uplifting stone, yellow calcite helps to relax, and connect to your highest source of spiritual guidance. Calcite is a cleanser of energy and heightens your energy. Calcite connections emotions with intellect, helping to create emotional intelligence. This stone also helps to alleviate emotional stress and replace it with serenity and cheerfulness.

This collection of stones can also be laid as a grid on one of our Sacred Geometry coasters to help boost their energy and purpose.

Our gemstones and crystals are hand-selected by Atala. Because these are natural products, the precise size, color and pattern of the crystal you order may vary from what is shown here.

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