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Collection | Gardening Stones


Our Gardening Collection contains three stones to help your garden grow, to help struggling bush, or to help a new plant adjust to the new environment. Comes in 3×4 wine colored satin bag with drawstrings and a descriptive brochure.

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Collection | Gardening Stones

Garden Health Collection Stones

.Moss Agate – Connects very strongly with the energies of nature. Assists in clearing environmental pollutants from the garden area. Be specific where you put this stone. It will also connect to the nature spirits, to assist in plant growth.

Rose Quartz – A stone of unconditional love. Gently draws negative energies away from the area where it is placed. This energy assists in attracting the fairy realm into the garden where they can peacefully work without conflicting energies.

Clear Quartz – Assists in clearing and unblocking those negative energies in the area. Its energy will enhance that of the other stones with which it is placed. Note: The quartz may be programmed or inspired with any intent: growth, protection, etc.

This collection of stones can also be laid as a grid on one of our Sacred Geometry or Chakra coasters to help boost their energy and purpose.

Our gemstones and crystals are hand-selected by Atala. Because these are natural products, the precise size, color and pattern of the crystal you order may vary from what is shown here.

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