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Psychic Chakra Action Jewelry is handcrafted by Crystal Life of gemstones that encourage gentle, balanced energy. This jewelry helps you clear, center and balance your chakras for gentle action in the world. This group of stones helps you by clearing and elevating your energy fields. Our psychic chakra jewelry has 7 to 9 stones: smoky quartz and carnelian for the base chakra, orange aventurine for the sacral chakra, honey jasper for the solar plexus chakra, aventurine and rose quartz for the heart chakra, blue lace agate for the throat chakra, amethyst for the third eye chakra, clear quartz for the crown chakra.


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Psychic Action Chakra Jewelry

Psychic Action Chakra Jewelry is part of Crystal Life’s Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose® line. All products are made with A Grade gemstone beads, hand chosen by Atala for their high vibration and quality. 

Psychic Chakra Prayer Bead Mala

Psychic Chakra Prayer Bead Malas balance the gentle, subtle energies so significant to your spiritual development. There are nine different crystals and gemstones, each relating to one of the seven major body chakras. Our large mala has 8mm beads and our medium mala has 6mm beads. 

These are Classic Count malas, having 108 beads. These Psychic Chakra Malas are handknotted between each bead, for suppleness of use when rotating in prayers and when setting intentions.

Psychic Chakra Meditation Bracelet

Our psychic chakra meditation bracelet is handcrafted of large 8 mm beads (the size of a chickpea) on clear, strong stretch cord. It comes in two sizes: regular (7″) and large, or men’s (8″). Our meditation bracelets have a count ranging from 21 to 24 beads and are meant to snugly fit the wrist.

A mediation bracelet, also known as a power bracelet, is meant to empower you with the gemstone energy and is based on prayer beads. It is sometimes used as a more informal way to count prayers and hold those prayers in your energy field throughout the day

The seven chakra stones in this subtle energy bracelet rotate in sequence with the seven major chakras and are: smokey quartz – base chakra; carnelian – sacral chakra; yellow calcite or honey jasper – solar plexus; aventurine – heart chakra; blue lace agate – throat chakra; amethyst – third eye chakra; clear quartz – crown chakra.

Psychic Chakra Energy Bracelet

Psychic Chakra Prayer Bead Malas balance the gentle, subtle energies so significant to your spiritual development. There are nine different crystals and gemstones, each relating to one of the seven major body chakras.

Made with 6mm chakra beads and a 10mm guru bead, the stones used in this bracelet are: red carnelian, orange aventurine, yellow calcite, green aventurine, blue lace agate, purple amethyst and clear quartz. The central bead is a special ceramic catalyst that clears and strengthens the other beads and your energy field. On sterling silver, 7 ½” long.

Psychic Chakra Bracelets & Anklets

Psychic Chakra Bracelets and Anklets for Balance are handcrafted by our own local artisans on flexible steel cord with sterling silver closures. Bracelets are 7 1/2″; anklets are 9 1/2″ (medium size) or 10 1/2″ (large size) of petite 4mm beads. Other sizes available by special order at no extra charge.

Psychic Chakra Necklaces

Gemstone Therapy Psychic Chakra Necklaces help to Balance your energy. They work with the gentle, subtle energies so significant to your spiritual development.  The 15″ and 16″ chakra necklaces are arranged in groups of beads per chakra; the 18″ and 20″ necklaces are crafted in rotation through the chakra sequence.

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