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Chakra Pendants – Crown Chakra


Crown Chakra Pendants help you connect to Universal Consciousness. They magnify your ability to comprehend the universal thought/will/bliss and connect in oneness with infinite, spirit, will, wisdom and understanding.


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The Crown Chakra is located at the Crown of the head. Sound: la. Affirmation: “I am That”.

Sacral Chakra Pendants come in two styles. The Classic style is white enamel on metal; on the back is an Aum symbol in the color of the chakra (sample backs shown here). The Filigree style is one-sided with a scalloped silver-colored edge. The pendants come in two sizes – petite (7/8″) and large (1 1/4″). These chakra pendants have been exclusively designed and handcrafted by Atala for Crystal Life Technology.

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