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Central Park Gentleman – Collage


This elegant Central Park Gentleman collage (seen front and side view) lives next to the expensive high rise apartments and mansions that line Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He fits right in!


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Central Park Gentleman – Collage

This is a London Plane Tree – a tree planted in many cities because it thrives well in that stressful environment. It has a distinct mottled bark, an abstract beauty in itself and representative of the many varied skin colors of the population of big cities!

This tree spirit has a very high consciousness and, when I went exploring that day – my first time with a camera in Central Park – I was having no luck finding tree spirits. The nature spirits kindly requested I close my eyes and meditate for five minutes on a – to me – plain wooded knoll. When I opened my eyes – there this gentleman was, right where he’d been all along – “Let those with eyes see….”

This photograph is pigment on archival paper and is available as a 5×7 photo art card with envelope and as an 11×14 matted photograph signed by Atala Toy, Nature Spirit Photographer

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