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Best of Silk Road – Kitaro


Best of Silk Road blends Kitaro’s influences from traditional Japanese music and the romantic Western tradition with serene and seductive arrangements, gentle melodies and combination of lush, majestic textures. This CD features a previously unreleased version of the ‘Theme for Silk Road’ as well as ‘Pray at Xian/Mercury’, which was recorded live in Xian, China during Kitaro’s 2002 Silk Road tour.

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Best of Silk Road

In 1980, few people knew about the Japanese synthesizer player named Kitaro. He’d released a few albums in Japan, but Silk Road was the album that put Kitaro on the map. Originally recorded as the soundtrack to a Japanese TV series about the trade route between Europe and China, Kitaro subsequently released it as a double LP. This disc contains some of the best themes from that recording as well as some other songs, including 1996’s “Flying Celestial Nymphs” and “Caravansary” featuring Yu-Xiao Guang’s delicately expressive lines performed on a native Chinese violin called the huquin.

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