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Burr Oak in Winter Storm


Burr Oak in Winter Storm. The beautiful bare bones of the Prairie States’ renown Burr Oak – a tree that can withstand drought, fire, rain and snow. This magnificent oak lives on a prairie farm. 


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Burr Oak in Winter Storm

Pigment on archival paper.

Oak Tree 

The oak tree is known as the King of Trees. It is a symbol of the yang energy of the universe, which means it is also aligned with all solar aspects. Oak trees provide strength with the reminder that true strength is gentle. 

Oak Tree Symbolism

Acorns are a symbol of fertility, fruition, and the manifestation of creativity. Because it can take up to two years for an acorn to reach maturity, they are a sign that the fruit of your efforts in the same time period are about to come to fruition. 

If you find yourself noticing more oak trees, you may need to recognize your own strength and endurance. The energy is there to support you as you grown with new confidence. Be aware of the new spirit energy that comes to you during such times. 

Oak Tree Lore

Place an acorn on your windowsill during an electrical storm to protect your home from being struck by lightning. 

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