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Buddha Bracelet – Rudraksha & Agate

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This Rudraksha & Agate Buddha Bracelet nurtures and provides balance. This bracelet is grounding and calming. 

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Buddha Bracelet | Rudraksha & Agate

Rudraksha Seed Metaphysical Properties

Rudraksha Seeds are used in the Far East to heal all manners of imbalance, physical to spiritual. Rotating them over your skin helps bring their balancing energies into your energy field. Rudraksha seeds are considered sacred to Shiva – cosmic change.

Orange Agate Metaphysical Properties

Orange agate offers emotional balance. Courage, balance, endurance to body, mind, and spirit. It smooths and stabilizes the aura. Helps precision of inner sight. Orange agate smooths and stabilizes the aura; it is a classic grounding stone for higher energies and helps you achieve the precision of inner sight.

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