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Aragonite Specimens – Brown


Brown Aragonite is an excellent crystal for healing community energy. Brown Aragonite is formed of multiple crystals of different sizes that meet together on a central matrix. Its energy helps individuals find a way to peacefully cooperate for a common positive goal.


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Brown Aragonite Specimens

If you have a group needing to find consensus, present each with a small aragonite cluster, get a larger aragonite to place in the center of your circle, and focus silently on respect for all viewpoints. Then share your viewpoints peacefully, to heal by consensus.

Place one aragonite crystal specimen in each hand to balance your own personal yin/yang energies. Several pieces of this healing gemstone can be strategically placed to help clear geopathic stress in a room or on a map to clear earth energy.

Aragonite – Earth Healer

Brown Aragonite is one of the most effective earth healing stones. Grounding and stabilizing earth energy, it is highly effective at transforming geopathic stress and in unblocking ley lines. You’ll note from our grid images that we use brown aragonite to help stabilize the energy on a map. It’s main purpose is to help heal Mother Earth.

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