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Blue Calcite Specimens | Mexican Calcite | Healing Properties


Blue Calcite assists in relaxation and recuperation. It dissolves pain on all levels, removes stress and releases emotions. 


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Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite absorbs energy, filters it, then returns it to assist the sender. It is very useful for the higher chakras – throat, third eye and crown – because it soothes and clears the nerves, thus facilitating your ability to connect to these higher frequencies. 

This is also an excellent stone to facilitate physical healing, again because it soothes the nerves, thus permitting you to relax and absorb healing frequencies.

April 2018 Staff Favorite

This stone is calming and peaceful, having a gentle energy. It is especially helpful to those who have anxiety. Carry a small piece with you to help curb nerves and place a larger piece in your living space to amplify blue calcites soothing energy.  The vivid blue color reminds me of robins eggs. ~ Tracy


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