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Black Onyx Runes – Large Size in Gift Box


These Black onyx runes are an ancient script developed between 500 B.C. and 200 A.D. People of the Germanic languages were the ones who developed and used them. These individuals include the Scandinavians, Germans, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian,Icelandics, and English.

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Black Onyx Runes 

Large Size

What Are Runes?

The Runes act as a divination system connected to your higher self. They act by defining the issues and energies within and surrounding your field. Readings may be done using one or more Runes for quick information or using all Runes for a more detailed reading. When reading the Runes, you are not looking to the future but to the energies around you and how they are working.

Black Onyx Metaphysical Properties

Black Onyx is excellent for achieving self-mastery. It resolves confusion. Helps you center and align yourself with the higher states of consciousness so that you absorb the energies you require. Helps banish frustrations and grief, encourages self-control.

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